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Crop packaging is big business to those of you who bale and wrap for a living. The annual round of price comparisons, product knowledge and performance comparisons makes life doubly difficult…as if you didn’t have enough to do actually doing the work. Netwrap will probably be one of your major purchases this year, together with film if you are silaging. There are many netwrap products available, some at unbelievably cheap prices, though these may come with a worry that behind this price there probably isn’t the good performance needed, a reputable manufacturer’s name nor any back-up should things go wrong.Buying well isn’t all about finding the cheapest roll price; the most important factor is the cost to your business.Year after year, new names enter the market, claiming the best prices and all the promises of security and bale coverage. However, in practice this is often a ‘pipe-dream’ and all too often the unsuspecting end user will not find out until it’s too late. In 2005, Tama introduced a significantly longer length net to the market, when it launched Edge to Edge Pro-Tec 3600, which produced 20% more bales per roll, effectively reducing the cost per bale of this market leading netwrap, by increasing the yield for each roll and producing savings for the end user.

The layman might easily think the limiting factors in this progression should be the weight of the roll, as the length continues to grow. It would seem natural to assume that the overall weight would increase by the same degree and this has certainly been the case with a number of other producers who have also experimented with a ‘longer roll’ by simply extending the length of their ‘traditional’ product.

The competitor roll may be be longer, but the roll weights from these producers are often in excess of 46kgs making them difficult and cumbersome to handle. In actual fact, the advanced resins used in the new TamaNet Edge to Edge product have not only allowed the roll length to increase without any noticeable increase in roll weight, the strength of the net has significantly increased in the process.This has been proven in the field where over 12 million bales have been made throughout the UK and Ireland last year, using this new technology netwrap.Since the introduction of Pro-Tec 3600, Tama has continued developing in this direction, with a volume trial throughout 2006 and 2007, of net that is longer still.

The use of advanced extrusions of high-grade polymers has produced a material that allows the roll length to be considerably increased yet still remain well within the roll weight and diameter tolerances of existing netwrap rolls. Such advances might have the sceptics scoffing, thinking that a longer length within the same weight and diameter limits might compromise the strength of the net – absolutely not so. Weight and strength have no direct correlation. Think of steel and aluminium for instance, metals, with similar uses, but notably different in weight.

Chris Chilvers at the 2007 Doe Show
Chris Chilvers at the 2007 Doe Show tests the strenght of the net himself

The same applies with advanced polymers. Those fortunate enough to have been part of Tama’s development volume trial were amazed to find that roll weight has been maintained around the level they have been used to, however roll length and the net strength have both increased significantly. This subject is a fascinating one, which could bring huge benefits for the end user of netwrap in their baling businesses, where the requirement is for a good quality, affordable net. With such an increase in roll length and strength, yet still allowing the roll to be easy to handle and easily able to fit into all balers, bale costs for using Tama’s Edge to Edge netwrap can be reduced yet again.

To help demonstrate this, Tama and the Crop Packaging Association invite you to compare your netwrap with the new TamaNet; to see that weight and strength really are two different things. During the year, at every exhibition, show and dealer event that UAT and the Crop Packaging Association attend, you will have the opportunity to test, for yourself, your own net against Tama’s new generation net, on an easy to use, purpose built netwrap strength test-rig. This hand operated device, is digitally calibrated to give an instant read-out of net strength, allowing an instant and highly accurate comparison to be made.


Like Chris Chilvers at the 2007 Doe Show, come along and try it for yourself – you might be surprised.

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