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Since its inception almost 6 years ago, the Crop Packaging Association has evolved into an acknowledged and respected body, representing all the various levels of the crop packaging industry. This means everyone from the contractor or farmer in the field, right up to the manufacturer of the product, and all in between. It is, therefore, specifically tailored to your crop packaging needs, informing and advising on the activities that can effect your business in this market, which represents a huge annual investment. showing very clearly that the quality and performance of your netwrap is equally or more important than the actual roll price. With yield and reliability being major influences in your netwrap needs, it is obvious that you are all very conscious of the need to achieve maximum output from your baler, either in avoiding hold-ups or obtaining the maximum number of bales possible from the roll, both of which are major factors that influence costly down-time.
During 2005, the Crop Packaging Association was commissioned by leading netwrap manufacturer Tama Plastic Industry to carry out a survey in the UK and Ireland on the features you find most important in a roll of netwrap. In a market that consumes well over 150,000 rolls annually, it is important to know and understand exactly what buyers are looking for and what they should expect from their chosen product and, judging by the results, some producers must fall well short of the mark. These results clearly illustrate the value of certain key elements necessary in a good quality netwrap, and re-enforce Tama s belief that benefits to the end user are the most important factors in determining netwrap choice. Highly distinctive ZEBRA net marking and easy to use carry handles on each roll add to these benefits, as do the purposeful moulded cradles that hold rolls safely and securely in place on the pallet.
Netwrap Survey Results The need to maximise baler output and reduce valuable down-time clearly spelled out as the most important pre-requisites for a netwrap, the introduction of TamaNet Edge to Edge™ Pro-Tec 3,600m netwrap should provide the end user with what he s looking for. The new extra long, 3,600m rolls are a full 20% longer than standard white netwrap, meaning 4 rolls can now bale what takes 5 rolls of standard white net! Think of the time and cost saving there…
Interestingly, the point of netwrap roll prices was not at the top of the list, instead the results clearly showed that reliability is by far the most important requirement you are looking for in your netwrap, with more than 97% of respondents to the survey placing this as the most important point. In the baling contracting business this is a major influencer, as reliability saves time and time is money. Obviously, the cost of your netwrap is important, however the point only ranked joint second, alongside yield per roll and the importance of full bale coverage; Thank you to all of the contractors and farmers who took part in this survey.
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