LSB VS Comparison twine Calculator

LSB VS Comparison twine
General Information
Total number of bales intending to make
Bale height (m)
Bale length (m)
Number of knotters
Spools / baler load
Total metres of twine per bale
Twine data
Comparison product
Total pack weight (kg)
Real runnage
Purchase price per pack (€)
Packs per pallet
Calculated pack length
Comparison product
Total length of twine (m) / pallet
Total number of bales able to be made from one pallet
Total length of twine (m) / baler load
Total number of bales able to be made with all twine boxes full
Cost per bale (€)
Packs of twine needed to make required number of bales
Total twine costs for bales required (€)
By choosing LSB you will use ____ fewer packs and save ____
This information is offered as a guide in various makes and models of balers.
The values are approximate and should be used as a guide only.
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