Tama Assist Knowledge Netwrap Main
General information
Bale diameter (m)
Total number of bales intending to make
Market value for baled bale (€)
Cost saving with Premium net
bale Net Generic
Product information
Standard White Net
Tama Premium Netwrap
Roll length (m)
Number of wraps
Roll price (€)
Time Cost
Standard White Net
Tama Premium Netwrap
Time to pick up crop (seconds)
Time to bind bale (seconds)
Bales produced per hour
Total time (hours) to make the required bales
Operational Costs
Standard White Net
Tama Premium Netwrap
Fuel used L/hr
Cost of fuel per L (€)
Cost of fuel per hr (€)
Cost of fuel per bale (€)
Cost of labour per hr (€)
Standard White Net
Tama Premium Netwrap
Bales per netwrap roll
Material used per bale (m)
Cost of material per bale (€)
Netwrap rolls required
Total cost per bale (€) (including fuel, labor and material)
Cost Saving
Tama Premium Netwrap
Cost saving - fuel per bale (€)
Cost saving - labour per bale (€)
Time saving for total bales requiered (working hours)
Total estimated fuel cost saving (€)
Total estimated labor cost saving (€)
RESULT: estimated cost saving using Tama Premium netwrap ____
Potential loss due to rotten crop when using Standard White Net ____ (5% because of no protection)
Potential loss due to shorter length when using Standard White Net ____ (5%)
The results here are based upon known quality differences between Premium net and most generic netwrap types, as a result of continuous and on-going competitor net benchmarking.
Many nets are found to be of lesser strength and shorter than their stated length and also unable to cover the full width of the bale, leading to crop loss, reducing bale value.
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