FlexNet® Classic elastic and stretches

FlexNet® Classic has been the market leader in pallet net for over 20 years, securing loads all over the globe in both agricultural and industrial applications.
FlexNet® Classic is known for its consistent aggressive memory and highest quality.
FlexNet® Classic maintains its tension and keeps the integrity of the load even under the most extreme conditions.
FlexNet® Classic is highly elastic and stretches at least 30%, for more meters per roll.

ElastiNet Classic Category Picture

A powerful pallet wrap with stretch and outstanding snap-back capabilities.
ElastiNet® Classic with the unique Reflex Action stretches to grip any shipment size or shape, and amazingly retracts to nearly its original length – without stretching your budget.
ElastiNet® Classic is specially engineered to meet the most rigorous demands and rugged conditions.

These popular products are used for trellising various vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, eggplants and cucumbers, as well as for trellis support of date palm and banana trees.
Our twines are manufactured in many sizes and specs, to allow perfect adjustment to each type of application. The reliability and variety of the products have positioned Tama as Israel’s leading com­pany in this sphere.

TamaShade is the best way to protect your crops against the ravages of nature:
solar radiation, frost, wind and birds.

Tama Monofil premium shade net is protected against solar UV radiation, and is extremely resistant to inclement weather and extremes of temperatures and humidity with ultra-reliable longitudinal and lateral stability. This revolutionary net is knitted from virtually indestructible fibers with a square profile, thus enhancing the resistance of the net to abrasion and tearing.

Our latest innovative product in the Crop Baling Products market is a real game changer.
The revolutionary premium net wrap John Deere B-Wrap®, a joint development by Tama and John Deere, is made especially for bales stored outdoors in tough weather conditions. It protects your valuable hay crop from rain, snow, and ground moisture. You get barn-quality hay without the barn.

  • Use B-Wrap® to preserve your best second or third crop, the hay you need to carry
    through winter, or the hay you plan to sell.
  • B-Wrap® is also great for preserving straw and other crop residues.
  • B-Wrap® works with John Deere 7 Series, 8 Series, and 9 Series Round Balers that are equipped for netwrap. All you need is a dealer-installed B-Wrap® kit.