Turf Net Reinforcement

TamaTurf Reinforcment Net (TRN) can be used for all grass types. The netting is used to hold together young rooting sod.
The net allows the root system to intertwine together, giving it greater stability, which allows the farmer to harvest the sod with confidence.
The use of Tama TRN allows the farmer to turn over fields much quicker, providing greater productivity and profit.

TamaTurf for Big Rolls is all about supporting the sod and keeping it as a perfect roll from harvest to laying. The net keeps the sod secured at the full width of the roll, allowing safe moving in the field, safe loading and transportation, and safe unloading.

FlexNet® for Turf wrap

The genuine stretch pallet wrap netting. The only net with the “built in memory”. Allows free-flow air circulation. Eliminates condensation. Flex-Net® unique memory keeps the load stable and secure throughout its journey. A cost-effective way to provide a superior wrap for your valuable turf.