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  • FlexNet® Classic
    29 Dec 2020 in Pallet Netting

    FlexNet® Classic has been the market leader in pallet net for over 20 years, securing loads all over the globe in both… ElastiNet® Classic

    29 Nov 2020 in Pallet Netting

    A powerful pallet wrap with stretch and outstanding snap-back capabilities. ElastiNet® Classic with the unique Reflex Action stretches to grip any… FlexNet® X-SPAN® NDicator

    30 Sep 2020 in Pallet Netting

    The improved stretch net reaches 50% elongation while keeping its original width, and therefore enlarges wrapping surface. FlexNet® X-SPAN® NDicator™… TamaWrap yellow for cotton

    19 Jul 2020 in TamaWrap#tm for cotton

    TamaWrap™ Yellow is an unseparated part of John Deere’s On-Board Module Builder Revolution which amazed the agricultural world when it… TamaTwine

    28 Sep 2014 in Baler Twine

    Small Square Bales A full range of conventional twines for small square straw and hay baling.

  • TamaTwine+
    28 Sep 2014 in Baler Twine

    Round Bales The TamaTwine+ range includes premium fine twine for round bales

  • TEWE®
    28 Sep 2014 in Baler Twine

    Your strong partners for large square balers. These special twines for large square balers allow you to optimize your professional applications and… TEWE®

    28 Sep 2014 in Baler Twine

    For almost four decades now, TEWE® medium twines have been the example of premium quality by TEUFELBERGER. The technical requirements… TEWE®

    28 Sep 2014 in Baler Twine

    TEWE® Round Bale twines are optimized specifically for their application. This is proven by TEWE® 750 Long and TEWE® 1000… TamaTurf Reinforcement Net

    06 Oct 2013 in Turf Net

    TamaTurf Reinforcment Net (TRN) can be used for all grass types. The netting is used to hold together young rooting sod.… Read more

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