Thank you for 500,000

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that our page has just crossed the 500,000 followers mark! An achievement we didn’t dare dream of when we first opened the page 4 years ago. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our half million fans for your incredible support, and invite you to keep sharing your thoughts, photos and insights with us.
From our side, we promise to continue to think of creative ways to support agriculture in general, but more specifically baling, and most importantly to keep providing our many customers around the globe with Farm Grown Solutions

Bright future :-)

Every time I see a person on a tractor, I no longer despair for the human race.

How much colder can it get... ?

This one is dedicated to all our friends in Europe and in affected areas of the U.S. who are currently facing conditions of extreme cold!
Keep warm & hang on in there!