Tama 2016 Top FB Posts - 8th Place

Almost every farmer has had an unpleasant encounter with a lynch pin, so we guess this was the reason that this post got so many reactions, shares and comments which brought it to the 8th place in our countdown.

Pic(k) of the week

Last week we posted a Christmas tractor decked out in blue & red; this week we’re happy to share with you the Deere version of Christmas decorations.
These great photos were sent to us by Geena Mills from James River Equipment – John Deere dealership in Ashland, Virginia, USA.
The bale is covered with Cover-Edge Netwrap of course. Thank you Geena and Merry Christmas!

Tama 2016 Top FB Posts - 9th Place

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the 9th place in our countdown goes to this sad / beautiful photo of a bale over troubled water.

Most people see: A beautiful picture
Farmer see: A problem

Tama 2016 Top FB Posts - 10th Place

As we do every year, we’re happy to continue the tradition of our top 10 posts of the year countdown. 2016 was incredibly good with many popular posts, but there’s only room for 10.
When Farmers have a dream they know they’ll have to work hard to make it come true. This is what the post that made it to 10th place is all about.

Dreams don’t work unless you do

Our pick of the week

In Australia the baling season had just started.
Thank you Ant Chatfield for sharing this great photo with us.