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Like most film markets throughout Europe, the UK market for stretchwrap is very competitive, with many players. Leading manufacturer Rani are at the forefront of quality and technology to try to give an advantage to the end user and through a long relationship with leading resin supplier Dow are well placed to take advantage of this. The key physical properties needed for this originate from the resin, the best of which are  tailor-made to perform for the needs of thesilage market. In 2002, Dow introduced the DOWLEX™ 2045S resin specifically designed for silage application, a bespoke resin to meet the above outlined requirements, which means better quality and a more reliable film for bale wrap.
Dow has a long term commitment to the silage market and since 2002, has embarked on the next generation of involvement in the main silage markets throughout Europe. Innovation through research has been their key focus, as they believe it is important to understand completely what goes on inside the wrapped bale – what influences the process of fermentation, how silage wrap can minimize losses and enhance the quality of the ensiled fodder. Naturally, being oil based, raw material resins are a hostage to the world economic situation, which has a direct effect on the finished goods price. The average annual price of resin has been increasing since 2003. Many varying factors contribute to the pricing levels of resin for stretch film, including oil refining capacity and price volatility, which are affected by external political, economical and environmental factors.
Producing good quality silage is dependent on using good quality materials and equipment and that includes the bale wrap film, says Dow Senior Marketing Manager Mark Saurin “Silage stretch film provides an effective airtight cover which is one of the most important factors in successful bale silage production”. Stretch film bale wrap should meet several requirements:

  • maintain bale density and integrity over a prolonged period in widely varying climatic conditions and withstand typical handling.
  • present a water and oxygen barrier and keep the carbon dioxide gas inside the bale as a preservation agent.
Mark continues “Global demand for crude oil remains high and is soaring in emerging markets. On the other hand, refining capacity is under huge pressure as low refining margins limit investment in new capacity and existing refineries operate at near or full capacity”.
Silage Stretch film
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