TEWE MED 500 Pack

For almost four decades now, TEWE® medium twines have been the example of premium quality by TEUFELBERGER. The technical requirements on these twines are frequently underestimated. Our customers have told us that results with TEWE® are better, even with small high pressure baling presses.

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High running constancy due to improved evenness
High running consistency due to improved evenness
Very high knotting strength
Very high knotting strength
Perfect bale density
Perfect bale density
Very good operating efficiency
Very good operating efficiency
Type Weight per
Spool / package
Colour Packages per
TEWE® 350 Plus 5kg / 10kg Blue 80
TEWE® 400 Perfect 5kg / 10kg Blue 80
TEWE® 500 Universal 5kg / 10kg Blue 80
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