TamaCycle Twine
TamaCycle Twine Blue
Tama is proud to present:
TamaCycle Twine – Baling for a better tomorrow
This high performance twine is the latest step in our eco-baling revolution.
By replacing virgin resources with recycled and reprocessed materials, Tama offers a first of its kind ecologic solution for Crop Baling Products.

Tama’s heavy twine has long set a quality benchmark of adjusting the right twine to the right baler and conditions, and now it’s time for another incredible breakthrough.
TamaCycle enjoys all the benefits and qualities of type 130 heavy twine, with another major environmental benefit:
Twine manufacture includes significant percentages of post-consumer recycled material and post-industrial waste!
Tama Silage hay straw baler products
More Information
Product Name Pack Length(m) Pack Weight(kg) Spools per pack Colour Max Height(mm) Max Diameter(mm) Packs per Pallet
TamaCycle Twine 2,070 18 2 BLACK & RECYCLED BLUE/RUST* 320 290 56


* Color shades may vary, depends on the material available

TamaCycle - Baling for a better tomorrow

We're thrilled to Introduce TamaCycle - an ecological solution for Crop Baling Products.
This first of its kind Twine includes use of significant percentages of post-consumer, recycled material and post-industrial waste, enabling you to bale for a better tomorrow.

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