TamaCycle Twine Blue
Tama is proud to present: Tama Cycle – Baling for a better tomorrow This high performance twine is the latest… Read more
Netfilm Roll
Tama Netfilm, a solution for every product All-around ventilationAllows great aeration even when overlapped All-around gripExcellent grip on goods for… Read more
TamaWrap™ Pink is one of the projects we’re most proud of. It has all the features and benefits of TamaWrap+™… Read more
TamaWrap BLUE
We’re happy to introduce Tama Blue Value, our latest innovative and cost effective, wrap for cotton modules. IDENTICAL CHARACTERISTICS IN… Read more
APP product image
Tama Cotton Support App Available on Google play & App Store At Tama we believe that premium products must come… Read more
TEWE LSB Signal Pro Pack
Your strong partners for large square balers. These special twines for large square balers allow you to optimize your professional applications and… Read more
TEWE MED 500 Pack
For almost four decades now, TEWE® medium twines have been the example of premium quality by TEUFELBERGER. The technical requirements… Read more
TEWE Rundballengarne 750+ Pack
TEWE® Round Bale twines are optimized specifically for their application. This is proven by TEWE® 750 Long and TEWE® 1000… Read more
Turf Reinforcement Net
TamaTurf Reinforcment Net (TRN) can be used for all grass types. The netting is used to hold together young rooting sod.… Read more
Tama Turf Wrap for Big roll
TamaTurf for Big Rolls is all about supporting the sod and keeping it as a perfect roll from harvest to… Read more