TEWE Rundballengarne 750+ Pack

TEWE® Round Bale twines are optimized specifically for their application. This is proven by TEWE® 750 Long and TEWE® 1000 Marathon – the perfect twines for round balers. There’s no need for compromise – fast and economic straw harvest is ensured and perfect bale shape and high bale density guaranteed. Bring the best out of your baler – reliably and permanently!

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High running constancy due to improved evenness
High running consistency
High Strength and Consistent
High tensile strength
Perfect bale density
Perfect bale density
Very good operating efficiency
Very good operating efficiency
Type Weight per
Spool / package
Colour Packages per
TEWE® 750 long 5kg / 10kg Blue 80
TEWE® 1000 Marathon 5kg / 10kg Blue 80
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