Horticultural Twines
Horticultural Twines

These popular products are used for trellising various vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, eggplants and cucumbers, as well as for trellis support of date palm and banana trees.
Our twines are manufactured in many sizes and specs, to allow perfect adjustment to each type of application. The reliability and variety of the products have positioned Tama as Israel’s leading com­pany in this sphere.

Tama Silage hay straw baler products
High Strength and Consistent
High Strength and Consistency

For problem-free performance.

Easy Feed System
Easy Feed System

Ensures that the twine flows freely and evenly from the start of the spool to the very end.

Guaranteed Minimum Length Bale Wrap
Guaranteed Minimum Length

Every spool contains the guaranteed stated length, not a “plus-or-minus” average.

High Quality Raw Material
High Quality Raw Material

TamaTwine is made from high quality polypropylene.

Twine Type Length Strength
Support 3100m 90kg
Support 2900m 110kg
Support 1850m 190kg
Trellis 4490m 90kg
Trellis 5690m 60kg
Trellis 1800m 44kg
Trellis 5000m 44kg
Trellis 1200m 65kg
Trellis 3200m 65kg
Trellis 4200m 36kg
Raffia 8000m 40kg
Raffia 7200m 45kg
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