TEWE LSB Signal Pro Pack

Your strong partners for large square balers. These special twines for large square balers allow you to optimize your professional applications and facilitate the cost-effective use of your machinery. TEWE® twines give you special solutions for professional grass and straw collection. The well balanced features ensure your success on a very high level. The twines have been customized in cooperation with leading users to fully meet the high requirements in the field – any time and in any circumstances.

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High suppleness
High suppleness
Very high knotting strength
Very high knotting strength
Perfect bale density
Perfect bale density
Very good operating efficiency
High operating efficiency
Type Weight per
Spool / package
Colour Packages per
TEWE® 95 GreenBull 10kg / 20kg Green 56
TEWE® 110 High Density 10kg / 20kg Blue 56
TEWE® 130 Hypermax 9kg / 18kg Auburn 56
TEWE® 130 Bigmax 9kg / 18kg Violet 56
TEWE® 150 Pro 9kg / 18kg Violet 56
TEWE® 140 Ecomax 9kg / 18kg Green 56
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