TamaWrap Plus Yellow

TamaWrap Yellow is an unseparated part of John Deere’s On-Board Module Builder Revolution which amazed the agricultural world when it was first launched back in 2009.

  • The on-board module technology replaces the traditional cotton harvesting system which includes basket harvester, boll buggy and module builder.
  • The entire picking process is carried out by ONE machine and ONE operator!
  • The innovative TamaWrap Yellow is specially designed to avoid the potential of plastic fragments and the risk of cotton contamination.
  • Assures reliable, automatic packaging for non-stop harvesting.
  • Helps to maintain the quality of cotton in round modules which are exposed to extreme conditions.
  • Helps to eliminate waste.
Pink wrap category pic

TamaWrap Pink is one of the projects we’re most proud of. It has all the features and benefits of TamaWrap+ Yellow cotton wrap, but with an important added value.

It began with a unique request from a cotton farmer from Missouri USA.
Three years previously, he had tragically lost his beloved sister to breast cancer, at the horrifying young age of 33. Following his tragedy, he had been thinking of ways to honor her memory and raise awareness about the important issue of the early detection and risks of breast cancer and came up with the idea to cover a cotton bale with a pink wrap (the color associated with Breast Cancer Awareness month).

The creative farmer has contacted the Tama group, and we were fully behind the idea! We got our Crop Baling Specialists together to work full steam and provided him, for the first time ever, with the pink cotton wraps, just in time for the 2013 season.

The hard work paid off and by October 2013 the first 15 pink cotton wraps had been produced and were proudly displayed on his farm. The reaction was incredible, and the buzz about the pink cotton wraps started to gain momentum, spreading to other countries and other Tama products, generating mass awareness about the importance of the early detection of breast cancer in farming communities all around the world.

Today, TamaWrap Pink is one of our best-selling wraps, with a part of sales donated to breast cancer studies and foundations, playing a huge part in supporting Breast Cancer Awareness across the globe, all thanks to one innovative cotton farmer.

TamaWrap Category Blue

We’re happy to introduce Tama Blue Value, our latest innovative and cost effective, wrap for cotton modules.

    • Wrap length, width and thickness
    • RFID tags per wrap
    • Tama Cut Indicator®
    • Wraps per roll
    • Rolls per pallet
    • Developed, design, produced, and fully supported by Tama
    In order to achieve this significant cost reduction, some of the materials were changed, thus TamaWrap Blue Value can be more susceptible to damage due to less robust construction than TamaWrap Premium. Please carefully review the below recommendations, to minimize the risk of cotton contamination. Learn more >>
APP Category image

Tama Cotton Support App

Available on Google play & App Store

At Tama we believe that premium products must come with premium customer support.
Now we are proud to take our service to the next level and offer cotton producers and contractors a quick and easy solution for any issue with TamaWrap in the field:

  • Send a report – Via our simple and user-friendly system.
  • Interactive troubleshoot guide – Enter and find solutions for common issues with the help of a series of short instructional videos.
  • No phone service required – So it’s simple and easy to use even when you’re out in the field.

Whichever method you choose, you can be sure that your problem will be swiftly solved.
Download Tama Cotton Support today for trouble free cotton harvesting!