May 7 in Redczyce (Poland) and May 15 in Nielęgowo (Poland) polish Tama distibutor organized workshops for the farmers. The topic was about silage and hay preparation. Polish Tama team participated in the meeting. It was a great opportunity to present the latest solutions proposed by Tama and for exchange the opinions with our customers.

Thousands visited Montevideo, Uruguay on 3-6 April for the 2014 Expo Melilla, showcasing the latest in cattle and crop technology (including crop packaging), farm equipment, artificial and natural pastures, animal feed and irrigation systems.

Tama Polska organized a 2013 Summary Conference for 21-22 November last year and we invited top Tama dealers to attend. The day began with a visit to a local beer factory, since the various beer flavors had been used to compliment special courses during a gala dinner held the previous evening. The conference itself was concerned with new products and technological issues. We rewarded our top dealers with special Tama statues . Guest of the evening – Joanna Bartel.