Charlie Smyth
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I’m  a Agricultural Contractor and I only use Tama Products. I find the black and white edge to edge the best bailing net when used on an 2008 F550 McHale baler.

  1. I would like to see an upgrade on the length of the black and white net from 4600 meters for round bale silage to a bigger size to reduce the handling. although the weight may increase this wont affect anything, just maintain that quality.
  2. in terms of silage wrap, we always apply 24 layers of wrap. their are a lot of different qualities and types of wrap on the market, but adding more layers, increases the costs and decreases the amount of bales u get per roll. at 16 wraps minimum wraps per bale, u only get 32 bales out of a roll of silage film. I think these rolls should first of all be wider and bigger to do more, ( less handling ) and two, higher quality than 25u.. In Ireland, silage isn’t always dry, and so strong net and film is required to meet the demands of the contractor and farmer. bigger , better and more maintain current quality levels. that’s what we want guys, and value for money.

Charlie Smyth