Eamonn Brennan
Co. Wexford, Ireland
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Couple of tips: Main culprit when baling is lumps causing the slip clutch goin off, can be frustrating when under pressure from weather and work load!
Causes: mower, tedder, rake and most importantly operators!!

Mowing: in short ground at angle give machine time to gather in already cut swarths to prevent dragging/ lumping swarths also if tedding out later tighten up swarths to help dry ground between swarths first.

Tedding: forward speed is the killer here, time is needed in heavy swarths , width is the only speed to get over ground, also leave tedder goin and on ground when at sets coming onto headland and entering inland take wide turning arc skip as many sets as you need , this prevents grass doubled up on headland and inland gaps/ bare patches in field are a sign.

Raking: once mowing and tedding are good Raking is a breeze, headlands first, then short ground when you get good at it, rake evenly, do no be tempted to ‘re rake grass to produce a bigger swarth than the machine is designed to achieve, ( grass tends to roll in a ball/ lump) the baler operator won’t be long letting you this!!!

Baling: if chopping especially straw , knife sharpness is a MUST, and resharpen daily.

Happy Baling!!!