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29th July 2014

The company Sainte Germaine (based in Mérignac, Gironde, France) sells twines, nets and films for harvesting and forage conservation in agriculture in Europe (mainly in France). It also offers other types of tapes, twines and ropes for the fishing, packaging and industrial markets. This Company has an excellent reputation and has been established for many decades.

The American group U.C.I. has been SAINTE GERMAINE’s owner since 2003 and has decided now to end its involvement in the French and European market for these product lines. However, U.C.I. enter into a transaction for the assets of SAINTE GERMAINE to be sold to an appropriate buyer, which could use the assets in its own business and thereby keep SAINTE GERMAINE’s position in the market open in the future.

The company TAMA Group (ISRAEL) has worked successfully for many years in the North American market with the company BRIDON, also a subsidiary of U.C.I.. The two groups have reached an agreement which has led to the sale by U.C.I. to TAMA of all of the assets of Sainte Germaine as of July 28th, 2014. By doing so, U.C.I. is confident that they have found the right solution to satisfy SAINTE GERMAINE’s customers’ needs and expectations in the years to come.

TAMA Group, as a net and twine manufacturer and global market leader, shows such a combination of expertise, experience, dynamism, professionalism and integrity that U.C.I. are sure that they can guarantee continuity and sustainability for the loyal customers of SAINTE GERMAINE

The TAMA group is proud of this agreement and will endeavor to give satisfaction to SAINTE GERMAINE’s partners, in all parts of the business relationship as it stands today. Both groups will get in touch with each client in the coming days, to discuss the details of an effective collaboration, respecting the interests of all, in order to preserve the originality and personality of SAINTE GERMAINE’s reputation in the market.

For more information, please contact the TAMA FRANCE Office on:
Tel : + 33 2 43 62 13 14
fax: + 33 2 43 62 13 15

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