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Graham has spent his entire career 37 year in the agricultural industry. All of these years have been spent in the employ of major manufacturers of crop packaging, where his role was initially in sales, later in technical sales and support. Nowadays, at Tama, where he is now in his 17th year, he is responsible for technical support of product and its use; working closely with OEM partner technical departments; technical training of Tama sales staff and customers, as well as part of Tama’s R & D team.

Blog by: Graham Robson

  • A Film Folly ?

    21 Apr 2016

    Many innovations in agriculture may take time to become established, some try their best and still don’t find acceptance, others… Read more

  • The mystery of twine

    04 Dec 2014

    Strong string or smoke and mirrors…? Read more

  • A huge risk…

    30 Jul 2014

    Does anyone ever wonder, or even cast a thought, about making a good job well done…right to the very end? I speak of silage bale wrapping, where, in my experience, all too often a quality job is put at risk because of a lack of fore-thought or after care in the long and expensive process of making valuable winter fodder. Read more

  • Natural selection…

    07 May 2014

    For better or worse, I’ve been in the crop baling industry for almost 40 years. Yes, involved with twine my entire adult life, what an admission ! However, in all of this time I have worked for manufacturers of the product, so have a good knowledge of what is what, unlike many folks who try to sell the stuff, judging by the stories I hear. Read more

  • Under Pressure

    06 Apr 2014

    Last week I was called to inspect a problem with netwrap on a farm in the far east of Hungary. Now, many of you may be surprised at the relevance this might have to your own farming methods, but trust me, this situation is more common than you might imagine. Read more

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